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2016-2017 Cover Crop Survey

The fifth annual cover crop survey by the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program and the Conservation Technology Information Center draws on the insight of 2,102 farmers—88% of whom reported using cover crops and 12% who identified themselves as non-users—from across the U.S. Cereal rye remained the top choice of farmers for cover cropping, followed by oats and radish. Sixty-five percent of the cover crop users reported planting mixes in 2016. Modest but statistically significant yield gains were seen once again in corn (2.3 bushels per acre, or 1.3%) and soybeans (2.1 bushels, or 3.8%) following cover crops. As in each of the previous surveys, plantings of cover crops maintained a steady increase to an average of 400 acres per participant, and projections are that the figure will increase to 451 acres in 2017.

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