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Mississippi state and county level yield gap in corn production


Continuous corn (Zea mays L.) yield increases are required to promote economic development and support a larger population. Reducing the existing yield gaps is a potential strategy to accomplish this goal. The objective of this study was to evaluate yield trends, and gaps at different production levels in Mississippi using data from 2012 to 2021. Production levels considered were Mississippi yield contest (Yc), Mississippi State University hybrid testing trials under irrigation (Yp) and dryland (Yw), and actual yield (Ya) from USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service. Since 2012, Yc, Yp, and Ya are stagnant, and Yw has a nonsignificant positive trend. Averaged over 10 yr, a yield gap of 5.6 Mg ha−1 between Yc and Ya, 4.1 Mg ha−1 between Yp and Ya, and 2.0 Mg ha−1 between Yw and Ya were noted at state level. Existing yield gap underlines current production limitations and necessitates adoption of improved agronomic practices.

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