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United Nations Food Systems Summit: What is the role of Soil Health in Putting the Sustainable Development Goals on Track?

The UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) concluded in September 2021. It was a much-needed global initiative with high expectations of transforming the world food systems and addressing the growing threat of hunger and malnutrition. Furthermore, one-third of all anthropogenic emissions are contributed by the present food systems, which are also responsible for the loss of 80% of biodiversity while withdrawing 70% of all freshwater supply. Adoption of proven best management practices (BMPs; i.e., conservation agriculture, mulch farming, cover cropping, and integration of crops with trees and livestock such as agro-forestry) can lead to increased reliance on negative emission farming, reduced inputs of chemicals, use of biostimulants and organic amendments, promotion of the bio-circular economy, and reaped benefits of digital innovations.


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