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Virtual Shop Visit – Plan A (B, C, and D) for Planting Green – Carter Morgan March 2021

Ask just about any farm who “plants green” – planting a commodity crop into a living cover – and they will tell you their first foray was not planned, Mother Nature made the decision for them. For anyone using cover crops, a plant deal with covers that “get away” is imperative. Carter Morgan provides a host of tips top plant green – intended or not.

Please note – some elements of this video lag. Welcome to broadcasting from rural areas where cellular coverage can be temperamental and broadband does not exist. 😉

00:00 Intro
04:04 Planting Green Mindset
12:27 Guidance Equipment
13:24 Row Cleaners
16:45 Planter Down-pressure, Drives, and Fertilizer Placement
20:00 Cereal Rye Pollen Shed
23:18 Side-dressing
25:45 Herbicides and Timing
31:18 Crimping
35:08 Spraying and Planning Residual Herbicides
36:14 Scouting and Reducing Sprayer Passes
39:05 Soybean Populations
40:39 Post-emergence Pass Reductions
43:13 After Crimping
45:08 Planter Openers
46:05 Smart Firmers
47:23 Q&A – Amount of Residue Knocked Down at Planting
49:46 Q&A – Mature Cereal Rye at Bean Harvest
52:02 Q&A – Changing Neighbors’ Mindsets
55:45 Q&A – Biggest Challenge of Planting Green
58:00 Q&A – Convincing Family Members
1:00:32 Q&A – Cutting Back on Synthetic Farmers
1:02:25 Q&A – Cover Crop Seeding Techniques
1:04:16 Q&A – Variable Rate Applications

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