Mustard Can Drive Away Pests

Across the Pacific Northwest, a movement is afoot to reduce synthetic chemical fumigants in the production of the region’s massive potato crop. In a region where farmers once stock-piled barrels of toxic ethylene dibromide, farmers are now learning to fight pests with meadows of mustard.


Farmers are using several types of mustard for their ability to build soil quality and to suppress soilborne diseases, nematodes, and weeds. Described here are the practices typically used by farmers for mustard green manure crops in the irrigated Columbia Basin.

Nutritional Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Grass and Legume Winter (cover) Crops

In dairy farming systems, growing winter crops for forage is frequently limited to annual grasses grown in monoculture. The objectives of this study were to determine how cropping grasses alone or in mixtures with legumes affects the yield, nutritional composition, and in vitro digestibility of fresh and ensiled winter crops and the yield, nutritional composition, […]

Herbicide Options to Terminate Winter Cover Crops

The focus of cover crops often revolves around the benefits of using them and how to grow the cover crop to achieve those benefits. But something as equally important to consider is how to kill the cover crop. Cover crops that aren’t completely killed, or terminated, prior to cash crop planting can interfere with planting, […]