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Virtual Shop Visit- Planter Modifications with AJ Adkins – February 2021

AJ Adkins, NTM Ag Equipment, broadcasts live from a Brownsburg, IN farm shop and reviews planter modification options from front of a row unit to the back – trash wheels and coulters to closing wheels and down pressure.

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:40 General Examples – Planting into Standing Cover Crops
0:03:55 Coulters
0:08:37 Row Cleaners
0:16:05 Gauge Wheels
0:18:24 Disc Openers
0:20:30 Row-unit Down Pressure & Static Weight
0:28:44 Closing Wheels
0:29:37 Row Cleaner Types with Cover Crops
0:30:58 Closing Wheels
0:35:05 T-handle / Tailpiece Down Pressure
0:36:21 Closing Wheels – Furrow Cruiser-type
0:37:35 Closing Wheels – Straight Spike
0:38:27 Closing Wheels – Schlagel Posi-close type
0:39:33 Closing Wheels – Cast / Cast + “Other”
0:40:30 Closing Wheels – Curved Tine-type
0:42:30 Closing Wheels – Combining Different Types & Staggering
0:49:30 Fertilizer Placement
0:57:30 Bean Planter Set-up
0:59:10 Plan B – Strip Till
1:01:00 Plan B – Planter-mounted Crimpers
1:04:00 Wrap-up / Final Questions

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